sloper [n]: a basic pattern that follows the natural lines and represents the basic dimensions of a figure, from which all styles are based on. Also called basic pattern, block pattern, or foundation pattern.

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  • You design or produce ready-to-wear clothing for the mass-market.
  • Your slopers do not properly fit the figure.
  • Your slopers are not fully balanced and trued.

Then you need Stringcodes' Standard-Sized Slopers. Slopers that fit well to the figure's dimensions are important assets in clothing business; we are proud to provide them. All slopers are well researched and tested.

We make full selection of slopers!

  • 50 different sizes to choose from. Available from Toddler, Child, to Large/Plus sizes.
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  • You can also order slopers that custom-fit to your personalized measurements.
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  • A total collection of 533 sets of slopers for Children and Women.
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  • Technical information in detail.
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Pattern-Making Calculator

The only available calculator specially designed and made for Pattern-Making purposes, and it's FREE.
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