How To Remove Elbow Dart from Sleeve Pattern

AppNote Number: ANBP0101

There are two kind of basic sleeve from Stringcodes: (1) Sleeve with Elbow Dart, and (2) Dartless Sleeve. If you currently have Sleeve Pattern with Elbow Dart, you may modify your existing pattern into a dartless one by following the directions in this note.

  1. Extend the grainline to the wrist line.
  2. With a right triangle ruler, draw a line from FRWRIST (front wrist vertex) to BW, perpendicular to the grainline. It crosses the grainline at point O.
  3. On the FRWRIST-BW line, locate point FW. The length of FW to O should be equal to the length of BW to O.
  4. Cut off the lines under the BW to FW line.
  5. Draw lines from FB (front-biceps vertex) to FW, and BB (back-biceps vertex) to BW. Your dartless sleeeve is finished.