How To Alter Basic Skirt Length

AppNote Number: ANBP0102

The standard length for the basic skirt pattern is knee-length. Since basic skirt pattern is a straight skirt, you can always reduce or add its length at the hem line.

To Alter Waist-To-Hip Length

However, if you want to alter the Waist-to-Hip length, the alteration is made at or above Hip Line.

First, draw an alteration line perpendicular to the grain line (see figure to the right).

Then, follow the directions below for adding or reducing waist-to-hip length.

To Add Waist-To-Hip Length

  1. Cut pattern apart on alteration line.

  2. Glue or tape half of the pattern on another paper.

  3. Extend the grain line on the paper and mark the amount you want to add.

  4. Align the other half of pattern with the mark and grain line and tape it in place.

  5. Draw a new seam line between waist and hip.

To Reduce Waist-To-Hip Length

  1. Fold the pattern piece along the alteration line.

  2. Make a pleat one-half amount to be reduced.

  3. Keep the pleat parallel to the alteration line and glue or tape the fold in place.

  4. Blend the seam line between waist and hip.