Where is the Waist Measurement Taken?

AppNote Number: ANIN0102

For Natural Waist:

For naturally indented waist, round waist with the measuring tape close to the skin. Be sure that this is where your body compresses the most.

If you are not very sure where the waistline is, tie a piece of string (preferably elastic) around the waist, and bend from side to side until the string settles in the indented part of your waist.

For Those Without Naturally Indented Waist.

You could choose and establish an waistline using one of these criteria (or both):

  • Female waistline is generally ?to 1?inch ABOVE the navel.

  • Waistline is generally located on the midway between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hipbones (See picture below). Try to find and feel your hipbones with your hands. Establish your waistline just above the hipbones.

After you establish your waistline, adjust the measuring tape to sit at the chosen waistline close the skin.