How to Measure Center Back Length

AppNote Number: ANIN0104

Center Back Measurement:

The purpose of measuring Center Back is to get the vertical measurement of your bodice. Center Back is the vertical length taken from Center Back Neck Point (Cervical Vertebra or C7) to the Waistline level (see figure). The measurement is made only when the head is erected.

To take a proper measurement of Center Back, you should find 2 reference points: Cervical Vertebra (C7) and Waistline.

For Waistline, see Where is the Waist Measurement Taken?.

Where is Center Back Neck Point?

C7, the Center Back Neck Point, is the symbol for the 7th cervical vertebral bone (where the neck meets the shoulders). When you bend your head forward, probably you will find the prominent vertebra at the top of the spine protruding out slightly.

You may also wear a short chain necklace that settles comfortably around your neck with the head erected. C7 should be around the intersection of the necklace with your spine (see figure).

You may bend your head forward to identify the position of center back neck point. However, always measure the vertical length from that point with the head erected.