Pattern Specifications

  • Pattern Paper and Printing:
    Each pattern set is individually printed on one side of high quality white 36-inch wide plotter paper. Pattern pieces do not overlap.

  • Seam Allowance:
    Slopers do NOT include seam and hem allowances.

  • Ease:
    Slopers include wearing ease to fit around the body and permit movement. They increase proportionally according to the size. Any additional style ease is NOT included.

  • Pattern Piece Identification:
    Detailed identification on each piece of pattern to prevent mix-ups. It is very useful especially when you have to organize hundreds or thousands of pattern pieces.

  • Body Measurements:
    Detailed information on relevant body measurements on each pattern set. You do not have to guess or take painstaking measurements to figure out the underlying dimensions. They are printed right on the pattern.

  • Bust Point:
    Bust Point location is clearly marked for Basic Bodice, Torso, and other sets when applicable.